Simple Cycles Ride Day at GreenValley’s

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Come ride with Simple Cycles at GreenValley’s Mountain Bike Park. 

 GreenValley’s Mountain Bike Park is Private Boutique Mountain Bike Park located at the foothills of Macquarie Pass. Bring your friends, family, kids for a fun day of adventure, riding and good times. You can either choose the option to purchase a shuttle ticket for the day or come for a hike and explore the newest mountain bike park in Australia.

Join the team for a mellow but fun day of riding with the park exclusively booked for use by the friends and family of Simple Cycles.

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How does it work?

– Shuttles will run from 9am – 4pm. To get the most out of what GreenValley’s has on offer while riding your weapon of choice.

–  Shuttle Cost $40 (Non MTBA Member + $15)
– A BBQ will be running with drinks to keep you hydrated and motivated so you don’t need to stop
– Bring the kids, or novices who still want to shred but want some easier options. GreenValley’s has a great grass area and beginner’s skills course to use. Parental Supervision required.  

What else do I need to know?

– Please ensure you bring normal riding essentials such as helmet, water, sunscreen etc
– All riders will have to complete and sign the legal waiver, site induction forms. These are available for download on the website. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign for you.
– For any further questions contact Kate:

Please ensure you have proof of membership to MTBA and confirmation of your booking, when you arrive at the registration booth. 
Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park requires a full face helmet for all our gravity trails. The XC Loop and our All-Mountain “Plantation Trail” are not classed as a gravity trail. If you decide to ride our gravity trails with an open face helmet, you do so at your own risk. Proceeding with this booking is confirmation that you understand the full face helmet requirements for the gravity trails at Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park

Most importantly we look forward to a fun day riding at GreenValley’s

Customise Your Ride.

We gather on the roads and trails. We ride, we race, we train. And we do these things not as nameless cyclists, but as individuals. We are one in our shared passion, but we are also each unique. Project One honors this fact.

Design every detail of your dream ride, then let us bring your vision to life. We’ll create your bike the way we create every Project One: with the skill that only the most-experienced builders and artists can offer.

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Simple Servicing

Bike care and maintenance is very commonly forgotten but oh so important. Here at Simple Cycles we offer a number of services to suit your bikes needs. All performed by our fully trained, up to date Bike Technicians to ensure that your bike is carefully looked after and serviced professionally and efficiently.

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