How to teach your kid to ride

With School Holidays fast approaching, the weather is warming up, the sun is shining, there is no better time to teach your child to ride. Imagine cruising the cycleways of Wollongong, Shellharbour or Lake Illawarra with the little one in tow, beaming loud and proud as they master a new skill.

Trek Bikes have  created the perfect how-to guide to give you the tools to get your little one up and riding this school holidays. Keep reading, watch the video and begin the journey to create a lifetime of memories.

What you will need:

  1. A Great Kid’s Bike.
  2. The right helmet
  3. A Daylight Running light to keep them safe

Step 1: Preparing the bike

First, remove the training wheels – you may need a standard adjustable spanner depending on what type of wheels they are. Once they’ve come off, you’ll want to grab the pedal spanner we mentioned earlier and remove the pedals (just for now) so your child can focus on balance. Remember: the ‘righty-tighty’ rule applies only to the right pedal. The left pedal is reverse-threaded. Loosen the left pedal clockwise, and loosen the right pedal anti-clockwise.

Once you’ve removed the pedals, lower the seat so your child’s feet touch the ground when sitting on the bike. A lower seat provides more confidence when trying to balance.

Step 2: Scoot!

Now that the pedals are removed and the seat is lowered, your child is ready to scoot. They can start by ‘walking’ along with the bike. As they gain confidence, they’ll start to push off more with their feet and glide to balance.

Location is important here: unless your child’s bike has handlebar brakes, removing the pedals also took away their ability to brake. This is why it’s especially important to stay on level ground. The best place is a flat, paved, secluded path with grass on either side. If your child begins to lose balance or confidence, they can steer toward softer ground. Grass stains are far better than tipping over on the road.

Remember, the faster your child can scoot, the easier it will be to balance. When your child looks comfortable balancing, put the pedals back on and get ready to ride.

Step 3: Time to try the pedals

Once you’ve reinstalled the pedals using the pedal spanner, your child is ready for their first real ride. This will take a bit of practice and patience, so make sure that you’re in a crash-ready zone. Give your child a gentle push and encourage them to pedal quickly as you run alongside them. Speed = balance.

Above all, remember to stay positive. There may be a few falls and it may take a few attempts, but the two of you will be riding together soon enough.

If we have one final piece of advice, it’s to take it all in. You only get to share this experience once, and there’s part of this first ride in every ride your kid will take for the rest of their lives. Enjoy!

Thanks TREK BIKES!!!



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