Simple Cycles is a family owned and run local bike business. Father and Son duo David and Peter McGuinn opened their first Trek Bikes Concept store in Wollongong in 2012. After a successful few years and feedback from our growing customers the decision was made to expand. In 2014 Simple Cycles expanded their business to Shellharbour to provide a closer location for customers further south. Simple Cycles strives to provide the South Coast with a community focused bike shop that educates customers while getting as many people riding as we can. Simple Cycles has two stores that offer a giant range of the best bikes in the world and products to look after all your biking needs. With the best bikes, the best location we also have the best team. Our team have joined the family, and are all employed to ensure that the customer has the best in-store experience and satisfaction after exploring our store. If you are happy or unhappy with any interaction you have had in-store please don’t hesitate to contact David to help you seek a positive result. Our main goal and vision is to get kids, families and communities together on bikes. Together lets thwart traffic, stop pollution, build relationships, become healthy and get awesome. Bikes are fun let’s get you riding in the Illawarra and beyond.bout you and your business, the more confident people will be when purchasing from your store.