Have you ever noticed that your gears can be a bit jumpy or your brakes are hard and noisy. Or maybe you seem to be getting punctured tyres all the time? Bike care and maintenance is very commonly forgotten but oh so important. Here at Simple Cycles we offer a number of services to suit your bikes needs. All performed by our fully trained, up to date Bike Technicians to ensure that your bike is carefully looked after and serviced professionally and efficiently. Below are our service options. If you have any other specifics or minor tunes please feel free to contact us or even better bring your bike in and we can determine (up front and free of charge) what needs to be done to get you riding quickly.

How it works

Level 1 $79 + Parts

  • Torque all fasteners 
  • Align and adjust brakes 
  • Align and adjust shifting 
  • Adjust headset 
  • Inspect and inflate tyres 
  • Inspect bottom bracket 
  • Frame, Fork and Wheels wipe down 

Recommended Every 50 hours of riding

Level 2 $199 + Parts

Additional services performed beyond the Level 1 package:

  • Remove and deep clean drivetrain components
  • Wheels removed from bike, aligned and tensioned to manufacturer specification 
  • Bike frame polish 

Recommended Every 50 hours of riding

Level 3 $399 + Parts

Additional services performed beyond Level 2 Service Package:

  • Complete bicycle disassembly down to the bare frame 
  • Overhaul bottom bracket 
  • Overhaul headset 
  • Overhaul and adjust wheel bearings 
  • Inspect and service freehub body 
  • Wheel spoke tension and wheel true 

Recommended Every 100 hours of riding